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Declaration & Restrictions

1999 Amended Declaration And Restrictions (ADAR)


Information About The ADAR That May Assist You.


The Document is indexed below as smaller files for ease of use and as the complete comprehensive document .

You may research, download, and print selected files, partial sections, or the entire Document.


We suggest that you review the entire Document prior to selecting files or sections since a particular topic may be addressed in more than one area.



Information on Creation, Purpose and Authority of the Document


Real Property Subject To Declaration

Members, Voting Rights and Meetings

Owner's Rights in Common Area

Board of Directors


Creation of Charge and Lien; Personal Obligation of Owner, Transfers

Use of Lots; Architecural Control Committee

List of Prior Declarations & Restrictions Replaced By The 1999 ADAR

Listing of Recorded Community Plats



Specific Restrictions which apply to All Lots in Snee Farm

Specific Restrictions which apply to all lots in Snee Farm except those lots in New Charlestowne and Snee Farm Gardens

Specific Restrictions which only apply to New Charlestowne

Specific Restrictions which only apply to Snee Farm Gardens

Easements That Only Apply to Specific Lots

Enforcement and Remedies


Duration and Amendment

Signatures of Witnesses to The ADAR

Lot(s) Construction Related Restrictions

Building Height And Construction Codes, Setback Codes, Square Foot Codes, Easement Codes

The complete ADAR Document


Collection Policy effective January 1,2021

Violations policy effective January 1, 2021

Short Term Rentals

Unnofficial Recording of Recorded form January 2021*

*Due to COVID protocols, official copies were not distributed at the time of filing. Once official copies are received, they will be loaded to this site and noted as "official."

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