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Stormwater Rehab Project

Snee Farm Drainage Improvement Project Video. Click on image to view.

We are happy to announce the Town of Mount Pleasant, in partnership with Gulfstream Construction, is set to begin Stormwater Drainage Improvements in the Snee Farm neighborhood. Contractors started on July 9, 2018 and are projected to finish in July, 2020. 

The Snee Farm improvements are designed to tackle drainage issues in the area. The project will address failing pipes, canal grading and erosion, flood improvements, and water quality. 

The Project team will provide updates on the construction work every two weeks. This schedule will include the work plan for active areas and a proposed schedule for work in new areas. Look for these updates on the Public Services Facebook and Twitter pages; on Nextdoor; and the Snee Farm SRF Facebook Group.

This project will repair, rehabilitate, replace and improve storm drainage infrastructure and will provide (5) water quality treatment areas for community residents and the Horlbeck Creek, Wando River and Hobcaw Creek watersheds. 

We encourage everyone to watch the short video and visit the above links for more information.

*** As part of the stormwater pipe rehabilitation, a Styrene Based Resin is utilized in the lining process. The resin produces an oder that has concerned residents regarding the safety of its use. The Town has provided documentation regarding the use of this Styrene Based Resin. The documentation can be found here. ***

Artist Rendering of Proposed

Bioretention Pond.

This pond is designed to temporarily hold water during heavy rainfall and dry out within 72 hours. The minimal grade is wheelchair compliant. 


Bioretention Pond will be located at Whipple/Indigo Cut entrance. 

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