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Sue Shunk CMCA, AMS



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Note: You will need your homeowner account number to register. It can be found on your last assessment invoice. If you need assistance, please contact our association manager. 

Snee Farm Community Foundation is managed by Southern Community Services and will generally be your first point of contact with the neighborhood association.

Founded in 2000, Southern Community Services (SCS) specializes in the management of homeowner associations across the Carolinas, with a longstanding reputation as the leader in its industry.


Staffed with accredited professionals who work diligently to accommodate the unique needs of each community, SCS provides turnkey solutions, state-of-the-art technology and decades of association management experience to boards, with senior-level involvement in every aspect of the business. 

Services provided by SCS include, but are not limited to:

  • Homeowner account maintenance

  • Property fee transfers

  • Document requests

  • Payment  processing of fines/assessments

  • Restrictions compliance administration

SCS is one of only six AAMC-accredited community management firms in S.C., and serves nearly 190 communities across the Carolinas, from multi-tiered master-planned communities to small, single family neighborhoods.  SCS is entering its 17th year of providing professional business, governance, and community management services to homeowner association boards in communities of all sizes. Find out more at www.trustscs.com

Annual Assessment - The 2019 annual assessment is $368 and statements were mailed in December 2018. Assessments were due on 1/31/19. 

Payments submitted with both check and the coupon at the bottom of the statement should be mailed to:

Snee Farm

C/O SCS 0989

PO Box 531289

Atlanta, GA 30353-1289

This is the most expedient method when paying by check. 

Payments submitted without coupon should be mailed to:

Snee Farm

C/O SCS 0989

7301 Rivers Ave Ste 245

N. Charleston, SC 29406

This is the local office that can identity and process payments without the coupon.  Please include your Snee Farm address on the check. 

If you would like to make a payment online, login to the homeowner portal Just click on the access portal link provided on this page to begin the process.