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Resident Safety


This page contains information and links pertaining to the safety of Snee Farm residents.

Alligators and Snakes 
Alligators and snakes are common in the lakes within Snee Farm. Please use caution when around these areas. If you have young children, please ensure they are aware of the dangers ESPECIALLY when near the lake.


More information on these animals can be found on these SC Department of Natural Resources pages:

Coyotes and Foxes 
Coyotes and foxes are often spotted roaming the wooded areas of the Snee Farm community. These are wild animals and we must take the necessary steps to discourage them from getting comfortable within our neighborhood. The Town of Mount Pleasant Animal Protective Services has prepared a brochure to educate residents on how to coexist with coyotes in our are.  Please DOWNLOAD and review this short brochure and learn how to keep your family and pets safe. 


More information on these animals can be found on these SC Department of Natural Resources pages:


Suspicious Incidents and Activities 
All homeowners should be on the alert for ANY suspicious activities or incidents. Please help to watch our Community and immediately report anything suspicious to the Mount Pleasant Police Department at 843-743-7200.

Non Emergent Incident and Activity Reporting

The Mount Pleasant Police Department has launched an online reporting system. This system is available for the public to make a police report online for situations that have occurred in the jurisdictional boundaries of the Town of Mount Pleasant such as animal complaints, fraud, harassment, lost property, theft, and vandalism. The online reporting system is not for reporting emergencies. To report any emergencies or in progress situations the public should use

9-1-1. Incidents involving firearms, personal injury, or other in progress situations will not be accepted by the online reporting system.

The link for the online submission portal can be found on our website at 
or directly at

Once the portal is accessed the person making the report will be prompted to answer a series of questions to ensure that their report meets the criteria for the system. After answering the questions the report can be made online. After making the report you will see the phrase “your online police report has been submitted” and a police report number will be given to you for reference. All cases filed through the online system will be reviewed by a police department employee. If further investigation is needed, an on duty police office may reach out to the person making the report.

If the reporting criteria is not made, please call the consolidated dispatch center at 843-743-7200 or call 9-1-1

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