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Entry Sign Designs

Within the past few years, it became increasingly apparent to the Board that our 4 entrance signs were rapidly deteriorating and would need to be replaced. These signs are a very important part of our master landscaping project as they provide the initial impression of our neighborhood. 

As a result of your input, we've incorporated several of your suggestions into the final version of the overwhelmingly preferred concept for the main entrance. 

If you continue to scroll below, you can see the evolution of this design and also designs for the other entrances.

Main Entrance - Final  Sign Design


This is the final design for the main entrance. The notable change from revision 2 is the font. This final version sets the stage and provides all the design elements for all the other entrances.You can download a larger version with additional details here.

Whipple Entrance - Final  Sign Design


This is the final design for the Whipple Road entrance. You will notice this has similar design elements to the Main entrance design.


Typically the Main entrance to neighborhoods are the most grand/impressive. All other entrances are a variation as they are usually physically smaller in size. Plus, adding the arch to this would make it feel over-scaled.  


You will also see a rough 3D rendering of the design to illustrate how it would look at the Whipple entrance.

To download a larger version of these images along with 3D renderings of North and South bound perspectives, click here.

Long Point Entrances -  Sign Design Options


Final Design

Here are some options for the Long Point Road entrance. Again, these take on the design elements from the Main entrance design.

You can download a larger version for better viewing here.

Option A was decided to be the final design.

Main Entrance -  Round 2 Revision

Snee Farm Sign - Option 2 sm.jpg

As you can see, we have taken the classic design (aka Option 1 from the first round) and made the following enhancements:


  • Added greater contrast between the background and the name/logo to make it easier to read. 

  • Changed the sign materials to give it greater depth and a more substantial presence.


We will also be looking at alternate fonts and lighting options as we move through the process.


We welcome any additional comments. Just email us at by 5/8/19.

Main Entrance - Round 1  Sign Designs

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