Architectural Control

Jeremy Burnham - Chair | 843-367-9202

Ensures alll exterior changes to a property are within the aestetic standards of the neighborhood....MORE



Mario Rasgo - Chair | 310-503-4622

Communicates information  via the website or email blast that affects our neighborhood.....MORE



Adrian Cain - Chair | 843-973-0169

Manages all community foundation's funds....MORE



Kathi Pogorzelski - Chair | 843-412-6817

Maintains and enhnaces the aestetics of the neighborhood common areas....MORE



Jonathan Wilbourne - Chair | 843-709-6710

Repairs, maintains and improves the neighborhood common aress....MORE


Nominating and Elections

Jenny Hilton - Chair | 843-801-4779

Reviews applications to the board, interviews applicants and nominates applications to be on the annual ballot for election to the Snee Farm Community Foundation board....MORE


Restrictions Compliance

TJ DelDuca - Chair | 908-309-4645

Ensures compliance within the neighborhood as directed by the Amended Declaration And Restrictions....MORE



Jonathan Wilbourne - Chair | 843-709-6710

Involved with the Mount Pleasant Police Department to assist in crime prevention and safety....MORE

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