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Architectural Control

General information can be found in the 1999 Amended Declaration And Restrictions (ADAR) document.


Some Clarification Regarding Tree Removal Approval:

SFCF ACC Approval is required to remove ALL trees as outlined in the ADAR:

  • Page 20, S. 1. References living trees having a diameter in excess of six (6) inches, measured two feet above ground level.

  • Page 21, S. 3. References dead and severely diseased trees and shrubbery.


Please refer to the actual pages of the ADAR for complete information.


Town of Mt. Pleasant Approval is required for trees that come under their protective jurisdiction. See the Town of Mt. Pleasant Tree Information document for more information on determining if a tree is protected.


If Town of Mt. Pleasant approval is applicable, a copy of their approval must be submitted with your completed SFCF Request For ACC Approval form.


Request For ACC Approval Form



  • Bryan Carter - Chair

  • Jeremy Burnham

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