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Prior to completing this form, we ask that you review the 1999 Amended Declaration And Restrictions (ADAR) - Page 13, B. Seeking Approval of Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Also, there are additional references in other areas of the ADAR that may be helpful in planning your project. When completing this Request, comprehensive detail will help expedite the ACC process which can take up to thirty days.

For further assistance, please contact Bryan Carter, ACC Chair:

Phone: (843) 754-1896


If you have any supporting documents/photos to include with your ACC approval request, please email to

Thank you for making quality improvements to your property!



** Applies to ALL trees with a diameter in excess of 6 inches (measured 2 ft. above ground). For the Town's instructions on how to measure the diameter of a tree click HERE. Town approval is required for trees that come under their protective jurisdiction. Please contact them at 843-884-1229. If applicable, their written approval must be provided.


If preferred, you can download a pdf of the ACC Approval form here. 

Once you submit form, please expect acknowledgement of receipt from one of the committee members within 48 hours. 


If you don't hear from anyone within 48 hours, please contact the following committee members to verify your request has been received:

Approval for requests can take up to 4 weeks depending on complexity, so please plan accordingly. 



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