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Landscaping Project

Snee Farm Drainage Improvement Project Video. Click on image to view.

Please note: When viewing the plan, disregard the Snee Farms typo. It should be Snee Farm.


Within the past few years, it became increasingly apparent to the Board that our 4 entrance signs and our fence and landscape buffer on Snee Farm Pkwy were rapidly deteriorating and that repair costs were escalating.  Concurrently, drainage work on the bridges exposed unsightly dividers and The Stormwater Project dictated removal of signage at Indigo Cut.

The Board felt that beginning this work during the Stormwater and Snee Farm Village construction would result in the least disruption to the community as all three would hopefully be substantially completed at the same time. 

The Board agreed that the scope of this work required a comprehensive plan with professional guidance.  After an extensive selection and bidding process, Outdoor Spatial Design was selected to develop that plan.

The preliminary designs were presented at the annual meeting on September 20th. Evan Brandon, Principal Outdoor Spatial Design invited community input.


Please click on the links above to download the plan and email feedback/questions. You can also email feedback to Supporting images or documentation attached with your email are welcome.



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