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Restrictrions Compliance

Most common ADAR violations within Snee Farm 


For more details see respective sections of ADAR listed below. Fines issued will be accrued at $20/day per violation:


  1. Trash/debris placed at curb outside of permissible time (see Article IX section M).   

  2. Cans (recycle/trash) not secured out of sight from street view (see article IX section N)

  3. Vehicle (s) improperly parked on street overnight (see article IX, section k). Click here to request permit.

  4. Vehicle (s) improperly parked off driveway (see article IX, section k)

  5. Yard maintenance needed for property appearance (see Article IX, section k)

  6. Sign(s) (real estate, yard sale, open house) not permissible (see ADAR IX, section O)



General Information/Clarifications


The Restrictions Compliance Committee (RCC) is responsible for ensuring compliance, including the issuance of fines for non-compliance as directed by the Amended Declaration And Restrictions. It also provides for legal action in the event of fines not paid, such as Small Claims Court or placement of a lien against the property.


While some violations may warrant a period of time to correct, others do not. At the discretion of the RCC, more or less time may be given based on the type of violation, compliance urgency needed, and/or reasonable time needed to accomplish compliance. Following is supplemental information or clarification to the ADAR on some of the more common issues.


The 1999 Amended Declaration And Restrictions (ADAR) document can be viewed in the Governance Section. It is the responsibility of the Foundation Members (homeowners) to understand and readily cooperate with the directives in the ADAR. Questions or complaints may be directed to the Committee or Compliance Administrator.


GARBAGE, DEBRIS, and all things related are not an aesthetic asset to our Community, yet it is the most violated Restriction. Please refer to the ADAR Page 18, M. Garbage, Junk and Trash Disposal, Recycle Collection. Violation letters for non-compliance will be issued with a $20 per day fine levied for any garbage related violation. This includes construction materials, household trash, and yard debris improperly placed for collection; as well as removal and storage of any type receptacles which must be stored completely out of view until placed at the curb, and when removed, according to the following collection criteria.  


Beginning Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - The new curbside collection process will be in effect for Snee Farm. Except when a holiday observed by the Town causes a change in the REGULAR SCHEDULE, the process is as follows: All refuse in receptacles, loose household trash, and yard debris (bags, limbs, etc) must be placed at curbside (not into the street) MONDAY EVENING, BUT NO LATER THAN 7:00 AM TUESDAY - ALL WILL BE COLLECTED BY THE TOWN OF MOUNT PLEASANT SANITATION DEPT. ON TUESDAY. Receptacles must be removed and properly stored completely out of sight no later than Tuesday evening.


NO TRASH or DEBRIS of any kind can be placed near or atop the street top drain covers. In addition to regular landscape grooming, each of us must also clean our respective curb areas of weeds, dirt, leaves, straw, trash, etc., no matter from where it comes, including promptly following the Town's collection if any remains; and NEVER leave it to enter, or send it, into the streets, drains, ditches, or lakes.


For HOLIDAY COLLECTION SCHEDULE CHANGES, please check the Collection and Holiday Schedules page on the Town of Mount Pleasant web site, or contact the Town Sanitation Dept. at 884-8518, and adjust curb placement and receptacle removal days accordingly. Full compliance is required to avoid fines.


The Charleston County regular RECYCLE COLLECTION schedule day is every other Thursday. All receptacles must be placed curbside no sooner than the evening before and properly stored out of sight no later than the evening of collection. For complete recycling information, including the County's Holiday Schedule and Department Contacts visit them at the Charleston County Environmental Management website or call them at 720-7111.


PETS - Town Ordinance 90.29 (Animals/Nuisance), and our ADAR must be followed to avoid consequence including fines. This includes Dogs & Cats! Complete Ordinance details are available from the Town's website at www.townofmountpleasant.com. Some of the more common issues to avoid the Board and Town getting involved: Excessive, continuous, or untimely noise (i.e. barking). Any pet not leashed (length no greater than 8 ft.) when off the owner's property (or a neighbor's property with permission) is considered roaming or unrestrained. Common Areas must be cleaned immediately of pet waste by its owner. Please remember that our neighbors' lawns and plantings are private property and should be respected as such by preventing your pet from using them as relief areas without the property owners' permission. No pets, even leashed, are allowed on any Golf Course Property as required by the Club.


PARKING - Vehicles of any type shall be parked ONLY in driveways or garages. Therefore, parking off the street and curb onto any portion of the yard, other than approved driveway surfaces, is not permitted and is a violation subject to a fine of $20 per incident, per day. Parking in the Common Areas AND overnight street parking is not permitted and subject to the same penalties. If you have temporary circumstances that may require on-street parking overnight due to inadequate driveway space for all vehicles, please contact Jackie Walker or the Administrator PRIOR to your need to do so. If deemed necessary by the RCC, a parking pass for specific limited use only will be issued.


BOATS - The guidelines vary for each section of Snee Farm. Please refer to the ADAR: Pages 24-25, C. Boats, Watercraft, and Boat Trailers; Page 4, L. Screening; and, Page 17-18, J. Screening. All screening plans for any related storage must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval - See Page 13-14 B. Seeking Approval of Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Boats, etc., are not permitted in the Gardens (See Page 30, G.). Boats, etc., are not permitted in New Charlestowne except stored in an enclosed garage (See Pages 27-28, F.). Any watercraft issues not in compliance are in violation and subject to the same fine policy noted above.


SIGNS (commercial, marketing, garage sales, etc.) - Please refer to the ADAR Page 19, O. Signs (NO SIGNS are permitted on any common area property). For guidelines to hold garage or yard sales, refer to Page 15, C. #2 - the above noted directive also applies to garage/yard sales - you may only have one aesthetically appropriate sign on your respective property the day(s) of the sale, and only twice per year. Violation letters and fines will be issued for improper signs and/or their placement; each sign is treated as a separate violation and will be fined as such at $20 each per day. All such signs are subject to immediate removal by the Administrator and Board Members and will be disposed of if not claimed from the Administrator within two weeks from the date of the violation letter.


Please be aware that interpretation of non-legal terms in the ADAR, such as "if possible" or "if practical", is determined at the discretion of the RCC/Board - with almost 900 homes, we trust that you can appreciate that need. If you need further information or clarification to any Restrictions matter, please contact us PRIOR to your decisions to avoid receiving a violation letter with a fine imposed.


If you receive a violation letter with a fine imposed, you may contact us for further evaluation to ensure it has been issued correctly. If you are displeased with a compliance action by the RCC regarding your property, you may request a full hearing with the Board by contacting the Chair. Thank you for your self-compliance efforts and cooperation to help provide the quality aesthetic and living environment for the enjoyment of all, as well as protecting property value in Snee Farm.



  • TJ DelDuca- Chair