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Information regarding activities that affect our neighborhood or of interest to the residents are communicated via the entrance sign boards, email blasts or this website. 


Sign Boards

We are limited space for messages, so these tend to be abbreviated reminders. Move information is typically available via an email blast or on this website. 


Email Blasts

Email blasts are sent out to elaborate sign board messages and to communicate relevant information to the neighborhood. Topics can include:

  • Projects within or affect our neighborhood

  • Compliance Issues

  • Local school or government courtesy notices.

  • Activities at the Snee Farm Country Club


If you would like to subscribe to the email blast. please e-mail Heidi Hildreth with your:

  • Full Name

  • Preferred e-mail address

  • Snee Farm Address



The website has been designed to be a resource for residents providing information regarding:

  • Our neighborhood standards/processes set forth in the amended declaration and restrictions document, 

  • The board of directors and foundation meetings

  • The efforts of the various committees

  • Annual Assessments


For new or non-residents, we have information geared at getting to know our neighborhood better



  • Nicole Buggie- Chair

  • Mario Rasgo



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