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Responsibilities In All Common Areas:

  • SFCF Signs & Signboards

  • Contract Irrigation (Existing)

  • Common Area Backflow Meters

  • SFCF Perimeter Fencing

  • SFCF Lighting

  • SCE&G Lighting - Reporting

  • Gazebo

  • Misc. (Benches, Birdhouses)

  • SFCF Street Signs

  • Road Signs - Reporting

  • Lakes


Community Lighting

Lamp Post Maintenance & Lighting throughout Snee Farm, street locations and most common areas, is the responsibility of SCE&G - Exceptions are noted below.


We will be responsible for reporting lighting outages to SCE&G and will appreciate your help by advising us of the location, the problem and the needed pole number information from the metal tag located near the base of the pole; example, G_ _ _ _ _.


Exceptions To The Above Are:

  • Single Lamp Post in the Island at the Front Entrance off of Hwy. 17.

  • All Entrance Signs Lanterns & Ground Lights.

  • Garden Way Island

  • Liberty Circle Lamp Posts

  • New Charlestowne Park Lamp Posts and the Brick Column Lanterns at Governors Rd. & Loyalist Ln.


We will also appreciate your help in contacting us to identify the location and any problem with those listed above in order that we can promptly remedy.


Other Maintenance Areas

If you are observing any problems with our Common Areas Irrigation or Landscape Maintenance, Perimeter Fencing, Lake System, and Street Maintenance including Signage, please contact us immediately.


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