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Snee Farm - One of the most desirable places to live in Mount Pleasant


Snee Farm is a well-established neighborhood in the heart of Mount Pleasant It's mature trees, location and large lot sizes make it a very desirable place to live. Residents enjoy its quick access to the Snee Farm country club, beach, county parks, shopping, downtown Charleston and the freeways Both homeowners and visitors can pleasantly journey through the nearly 900 single-family home neighborhood taking in the nicely shaded roads and tranquil lakes.


The beauty and charm of Snee Farm are maintained with the standards outlined in the neighborhood covenants.


Board Meetings

The Community Foundation board meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6pm. The meetings are currently being held upstairs at the club, as well as by Zoom.  Please see calendar for any date changes. The current meeting agenda can be found on the meeting minutes page


Email Blasts


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Reminder from ACC Chair
As a reminder, all changes to the exterior of your home or property require a Snee Farm Community Foundation (SCFC) permit issued by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), in addition to any town permits, and prior to any work commencing. This includes, but is not limited to, roofing, exterior siding, painting, shutters, driveways/parking, pools, fencing, accessory buildings, installed play equipment, tree removal/plantings or significant landscaping changes. A good rule of thumb is, if any neighbors can see the change, it probably requires a permit. When in doubt, you are welcome to email Bryan Carter  ( with any questions. We ask you to submit all permit requests through the online portal on the SFCF website at Please allow up to a week to receive your permit; however, most are processed within 72 hours. We do encourage you to submit your permit as far in advance as possible to allow for delays during peak permitting times. Please note, at no time is a contractor allowed to display any advertisements for their services on your property (including advertisements posted on permit boxes) before, during or after they are servicing your property. 
Mount Police Dept Online Reporting Tool

The Mount Pleasant Police Department has launched an online reporting system. This system is available for the public to make a police report online for situations that have occurred in the jurisdictional boundaries of the Town of Mount Pleasant such as animal complaints, fraud, harassment, lost property, theft, and vandalism. The online reporting system is not for reporting emergencies. To report any emergencies or in progress situations the public should use 9-1-1. Incidents involving firearms, personal injury, or other in progress situations will not be accepted by the online reporting system.

The link for the online submission portal can be found on our website at or directly at

Once the portal is accessed the person making the report will be prompted to answer a series of questions to ensure that their report meets the criteria for the system. After answering the questions the report can be made online. After making the report you will see the phrase “your online police report has been submitted” and a police report number will be given to you for reference. All cases filed through the online system will be reviewed by a police department employee. If further investigation is needed, an on duty police office may reach out to the person making the report.

If the reporting criteria is not made, please call the consolidated dispatch center at 843-743-7200 or call 9-1-1


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